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Bible study is essential to our Christian walk. As we study God's Word, our personal relationship with God grows deeper and deeper. It empowers us to live for the Lord in every aspect of our lives. This is what has inspired me to do an online Bible study.

Many years ago my husband introduced me to a commentary on the book of Colossians and I was so blessed as the Scripture came to life before my very eyes. Since that day we have developed an extensive library and enjoy studying God's Word.

I have prepared some Bible studies that I would like to share with you. My prayer is that they will bless you as much as they have blessed me in preparing them. I pray your life is touched and that it would inspire you to live every moment of every day for Christ.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In God's Timing

Timing is everything right, and Esther knew this all to well.

Using discretion we see Esther answering the king in Esther 5:4-6 as she invites the king and Haman to a banquet. Not only did the king accept Esther's invitation but he immediately ordered Haman to be summoned. What a special honor for Haman to attend a special banquet with the King and Queen, you can just see the ego being stroked of Haman. Then at the banquet we see in verse six that the King asks Esther again what her petition is. Haman's head must be really getting big at this point. Here he is at a personal banquet with the king and queen and now they are discussing a personal matter; little does he know what is actually happening! Esther delays an answer once again and requests their appearance at another banquet the next day.

Here is Haman feeling highly honored to have been invited to a private banquet with the king and queen and then as he walks out to go home, there is Mordecai at the king's gate. A raging fury arises in Haman's heart as Mordecai refuses to stand in reverence to him and on top of that he wasn't even trembling in his presence over the decree. He is so full of himself, his ego growing every moment. But, despite his position, wealth, and power Haman could not get past his hatred for Mordecai. But somehow Haman manages to restrain himself from saying anything to Mordecai. After reaching his house, verses 10-12 tells us how Haman summoned his friends to a social gathering so he could share the day’s joyful events with them. In his sharing, Scripture exposes the shameful depth of his prideful, arrogant heart. Sitting with his wife and friends and looking forward to the second banquet the next evening, Haman began to focus attention solely upon himself.

Remember my friend that sometimes it may appear as if those against us are being blessed and life is good for them, but in God's timing He will take care of them as we will see as we continue our study.

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