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Bible study is essential to our Christian walk. As we study God's Word, our personal relationship with God grows deeper and deeper. It empowers us to live for the Lord in every aspect of our lives. This is what has inspired me to do an online Bible study.

Many years ago my husband introduced me to a commentary on the book of Colossians and I was so blessed as the Scripture came to life before my very eyes. Since that day we have developed an extensive library and enjoy studying God's Word.

I have prepared some Bible studies that I would like to share with you. My prayer is that they will bless you as much as they have blessed me in preparing them. I pray your life is touched and that it would inspire you to live every moment of every day for Christ.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Lord, Lead my Life

The book of Ruth may be a small book with only four chapters, but it is a powerful book. It reveals the providence of God and how He works in our lives every day even when we don't know it. And It is a wonderful picture of Jesus Christ our kinsman-redeemer.

Chapter 1: Ruth follows Naomi to Bethlehem against the wishes of Naomi. Naomi is feeling empty and feels as if the Lord has dealt bitterly with her. Here we see the consequences of not following the will of God. But God even uses our bad choices to glorify his name. God was working in the life of Naomi and Ruth from the very beginning - working behind the scene to fulfill his plan.

Chapter 2; Ruth goes to glean in the fields to bring in food and the Lord leads her to the field of Boaz. Ruth does not know who Boaz is. Boaz discovers Ruth gleaning in his field and invites her to glean only at his field and provides protection for her. She learns that Boaz is a kinsman.
God has been working behind the scene the whole time bringing Ruth to the field of Boaz and Boaz coming to his field at the time Ruth was gleaning.

Chapter 3; Is the turning point, where Naomi instructs Ruth on how to present herself as a bride to her kinsman redeemer. Boaz accepts the marriage proposal and assures Ruth she will be redeemed whether it be the nearer kinsman or he himself.

Chapter 4: God's plan revealed. The nearer kinsman refuses to redeem Naomi and Ruth. Boaz takes on the responsibility of being the kinsman redeemer. We see a son born who becomes the kinsman redeemer for Naomi and Ruth and to their descendants after they are dead. An example of God giving His son Jesus Christ as our kinsman redeemer. We see the genealogy of David for which we see the genealogy of Christ.

My friend, This is the final chapter of Ruth, and God writes the final chapter of our life also. Will he find us faithful as he did Ruth? Too many of God's people are content to live in chapter 2, picking up the leftovers and doing the best they can in their difficult situation. Even though they can see that they are receiving more than they deserve they end up concentrating on the gifts rather than the Giver of the Gifts. If we don't wake up and stop focusing on the gifts and get our minds and hearts on the Giver of the gifts we will miss opportunities in our lives. Naomi missed an opportunity in her life to bring her daughter-in-law Orpah to Christ and she almost missed this glorious redemption by asking Ruth to return to her family in Moab. Praise the Lord that He is working behind the scene and that Ruth through her commitment chose to follow. Will you follow Christ and live a life committed to Him?

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