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Bible study is essential to our Christian walk. As we study God's Word, our personal relationship with God grows deeper and deeper. It empowers us to live for the Lord in every aspect of our lives. This is what has inspired me to do an online Bible study.

Many years ago my husband introduced me to a commentary on the book of Colossians and I was so blessed as the Scripture came to life before my very eyes. Since that day we have developed an extensive library and enjoy studying God's Word.

I have prepared some Bible studies that I would like to share with you. My prayer is that they will bless you as much as they have blessed me in preparing them. I pray your life is touched and that it would inspire you to live every moment of every day for Christ.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Think before you act

The second step that Haman took as he executed his plan to destroy the Jewish people is found in Esther 3:8-11 ~

The date is set and now it is time for Haman to take his plan to king Ahasuerus to seek permission. Notice in verse 8 that Haman did not identify the Jews in these verses when he sought permission to annihilate them. It says: "...There is a certain people scattered and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of your kingdom..." He simply informed the king that there was a certain race of people who were obeying their own laws and disobeying the Persian law. Of course Haman was over exaggerating. The Jews had not rebelled against the Persian law. In fact, the prophet Jeremiah had encouraged the Jews to settle down and build a new life, being good citizens in the land to which they had been taken captive as we see in Jeremiah 29:4-7. This is how wicked and sneaky this man is. Did you know that Haman is called "the enemy of the Jews" five different times in the book of Esther: 3:10, 7:6, 8:1, 9:10, and 9:24. He was inferring that it was dangerous to allow them to remain for fear of political disturbance and uprising. Then we see in verse 9 that he requests a decree to be written that cannot be destroyed. To insure the king will accept he sweetens the deal and offers to pay 10,000 talents of silver which was a lot in those days. At this time the funds in the empire would be low due to the wars, so Haman knew it would entice the king. The King accepts Haman's offer and willingly gives Haman, the enemy to the Jews, his signet ring - which empowered Haman to act with royal authority ~ The ring was used to seal official documents. It was a foolish thing for king Ahasuerus to do! He gave Haman total control and empowered him where he could write anything he wanted, place the royal seal and it became law - not to be changed. Can you imagine giving a wicked man free reign to do what he wanted to do. This is a clear sign for disaster and yet king Ahasuerus didn't see it. King Ahasuerus did not think about the consequences of handing over his ring to Haman. It is always better to think before we act, think before making decisions and make sure we are receiving Godly advice.

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